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XJ-13 Strain (AAAA)

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Product Code: XJ-13 Strain

Indica % Sativa %
Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Hybrid strain at 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

The XJ-13 cannabis strain is a hybrid of a Jack Herer and G13 Haze varieties. The strain is Sativa-dominant, meaning it provides more energizing effects than the Indica-dominant strains which are more viable as sleep inducers.

When grown, the XJ-13 shows moderate difficulty and is known to be a tall strain with a height that can reach more than 78 inches. Aside from its tall stature, this strain also flowers earlier than other hybrids at 7 to 9 weeks while others take 9 to 10 weeks. When harvested, every square foot can yield up to 6 ounces of XJ-13.

The plant releases a citrus and sweet scent with a tang of pine which helps awaken the senses. This makes this a popular product for those who love citrus and an overall lively appeal.

Positive Effects

Compared to other strains, such as the Indica-dominant ones, the XJ-13 is more of an energy booster. When used it delivers a euphoric and energizing high that makes boosts the cerebral cortex. This helps the consumer feel relaxed and happy which in turn, helps stimulate brain creativity. People who are mentally stimulated become energetic and can support conversations better. 

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Jacob Borg - 01/10/2019

Tasty and very smooth, the high is pretty good but not the best for me

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