Medical Marijuana To Deal With Degenerative Disc Disease, Effective Or Not?

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Cannabis and Degenerative Disc Disease

Cannabis has powerful analgesic effects that can control back pain. If you want to try cannabis for treatment of pain, you can buy weed online from online weed shops. You can keep cannabis fresh at home and use as needed.

What are the causes and cures for degenerative disc disease?

There are many factors that cause degenerative disc disease.

Low mobility

Untreated degenerative disc disease oftentimes leads to low mobility. The debilitating back pain prevents us from moving our spine freely. Bending forward sometimes causes pain, while extending the back relieves it. But as the degenerative disc disease progresses, it will begin to affect all spine movements.

Many degenerative disc disease cures and treatments are available, but there is no known cure though that can reverse the disease process. Medications are given to relieve symptoms as well as delay disease progression. Surgery may also be given to improve back mobility as well as relieve nerve compression caused by the diseased discs.

Carrying heavy loads on your back

Another factor that increases the risk of developing degenerative disc disease is carrying heavy loads on your back. Heavy loads cause the vertebral bones to compress against each other. This, in turn, compresses the discs, and the discs will then impinge the nerves against the bones. Nerve impingement results in pain radiating down the leg. It also causes weakness of the muscles supplied by the affected nerve.

Other factors that cause degenerative disc disease include obesity as well as repetitive back motions causing small injuries to the back structures. Degenerative disc disease can also be caused by accidents as well as injuries.

What are the common degenerative disc disease cures?

As mentioned earlier, there are many cures for degenerative disc disease, but these treatment options will not reverse the disease process. They can only control the symptoms and help the patient live a relatively normal life.

Painkillers can help control pain, but strong painkillers can be pretty addictive and produce adverse side effects. For these reasons, many patients are switching to cannabis.

What are the alternative treatments and best supplements for degenerative disc disease?

You can also control back pain caused by degenerative disc disease through alternative medicine for pain. These include:

Vitamins and supplements

Some of the best supplements for degenerative disc disease include vitamin B complex, vitamin D, vitamin C, and calcium. Vitamin B complex helps relieve back pain by controlling pain caused by impinged nerves. It also strengthens the nerves and helps them heal from the damages caused by degenerative disc disease.

Vitamin C helps with the healing process, while vitamin D and calcium help promote bone health. They make the bones stronger and healthier.

If you have back muscle spasms, you may benefit from magnesium. It can help reduce pain by relaxing the muscles and preventing the development of muscle spasms.


To prevent or delay the progression of degenerative disc disease, it is also important to have a regular exercise program. Not only can it improve back mobility, but it can also help strengthen back muscles and tendons.

Exercises perfect for degenerative disc disease include yoga and pilates as well as water aerobics. You can also use a stationary bike or go walking. Experts say that we need at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, and you should exercise at least five to six times a day.

Exercise also helps you have a good night’s sleep, especially if the pain is keeping you up at night.

CBD oil

You can also try CBD products for your degenerative disc disease and low back pain. CBD is a powerful cannabinoid that can reduce pain as well as inflammation. It can also control back muscle spasms and help them relax. If you have neck pain, you can also use CBD for neck pain. By controlling back and neck pain, you can enjoy better spine mobility.

CBD also helps with sleep. So if you are having some trouble sleeping because of your back pain, taking CBD oil before bedtime not only improves the quality of your sleep but its quantity as well.


Some people find more relief if the product they are using has some THC in it. They find that products with both CBD and THC work very well as a chronic pain treatment for their degenerative disc disease and low back pain. These two cannabinoids will work together in controlling pain and reducing the low grade inflammation found in the back structures.

You can also smoke weed and benefit from its immediate relief. If you don’t want the side effects of THC, then know that Hybrid can treat you. Some Hybrid strains like Harlequin have higher CBD content than THC, perfect for those with THC intolerance.

Things to know when using marijuana neck pain products?

Before using marijuana neck pain and back pain products though, there are some things that you should know.

What are the beneficial effects of cannabis on degenerative disc disease?

Although powerful drugs for chronic pain can benefit patients, they do have side effects that can cause more problems such as kidney and liver disease. Powerful painkillers can also cause addiction and overdose.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is safer alternative to powerful painkillers. It can address several symptoms associated with degenerative disc disease without causing an overdose. In addition to controlling pain and inflammation, cannabis can also help improve appetite, promote better sleep, as well as improve mental health issues. Patients who are suffering from chronic pain and debilitating degenerative disc disease often times also suffer from depression and anxiety.

What are the side effects of cannabis?

Although cannabis has so many therapeutic and medicinal properties that can help people with degenerative disc disease, it also has some adverse side effects that you should be aware of.

Cannabis, especially strains with high THC levels, can cause dry mouth, dry eyes, as well as cotton mouth. At high doses, it can also trigger paranoia. Some even report anxiety, headache, as well as dizziness.

If you have THC intolerance, then you might benefit more from CBD products. CBD products are also best for those who do not want to get high or develop the negative side effects of THC.

Final Thoughts

Degenerative disc disease can be debilitating and affect your day-to-day life. If you are suffering from this back problem, know that cannabis, as pain treatment, can help control some of its symptoms as well as promote back health.

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