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Blackberry Kush (AAAA)

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Indica %Sativa %
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Pain Relief

Strain Name: Blackberry Kush Cannabis

Dominant Strain: Indica-dominant at 20% Sativa / 80% Indica.

Brief History: The exact genetic makeup of Blackberry Kush still remains unknown. However, experts believe that it is a cross between an Afghani Indica as well as Blackberry strain. Others though say that Blackberry Kush is a cross between an Afghani Indica as well as DJ Short Blueberry. There are also those that say Blackberry Kush has some Bubba Kush genes in it. Others believe Blackberry Kush is a mix between Bubba Kush and DJ Short Blueberry.

There may be some debate concerning Blackberry Kush’s true lineage. But one thing is certain though, Blackberry Kush’s potent Indica qualities can induce a pretty potent couch lock. It’s also famous for its equally powerful euphoric effect.

Distinguishing Features: Blackberry Kush has dense, light green buds with interesting hues of purple, yellow, and black. Vivid reddish-orange hairs adorn each nugget, a coat of frosty-white crystals adding color to them. The leaves are dark green with dark purple hues.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Tests revealed Blackberry Kush has a moderate THC level of 16% to 22%. However, there are tests, too, that showed high THC levels of about 26%. CBD level is usually between 0.01% and 0.28% with a CBN level of 0.01% to 0.05%. Other cannabinoids found in Blackberry Kush include CBC of 0.1% and CBGA of 1.4%.

As for Blackberry Kush’s terpene profile, tests revealed it contains humulene, myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. It also has linalool, limonene, and terpinolene.

Flavors/Aroma: Blackberry Kush has a very sweet yet pungent aroma redolent of blackberry and blueberry. It tastes the same as well. You’ll get a refreshingly sweet berry flavor with robust flavors of earthy diesel.

Effects: An Indica-dominant strain, Blackberry Kush is known for its amazing high. A few hits and its effects can be pretty immediate. You will immediately feel relaxed as a warm, soothing wave of relaxation gently washes over you. This will take away any pain you may be feeling, leaving your whole body fully relaxed and pain-free. A few more hits and you’ll be drifting off to a very restful sleep in no time at all.

Blackberry Kush also produces a powerful euphoric effect. It uplifts your spirits and improves your mood. You’ll feel like you’re cocooned in a warm, peaceful, happy bliss.

Be prepared for the onslaught of the munchies though. Keeping some snacks near you is a must when the munchies hit.

Medical Conditions: Blackberry Kush is a good choice for evening use, especially if you have had a hard and tiring day. This will wash away all the aches and pains from your body. It will also drive away any negative thoughts, emotions, anxieties, and stress you may have. These combined effects will give you full body relaxation and a clear and peaceful mind. Medical conditions that can benefit from these therapeutic effects include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, chronic stress, anxiety disorder, and mood swings caused by PMS.

Its analgesic effects can also take the edge off pain caused by PMS as well. It can reduce abdominal pain and cramps felt during this time of the month. This analgesic effect can also benefit painful conditions like gastrointestinal problems, headaches, migraines, spasticity, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and nerve pain.

If you’re having some trouble sleeping, then use Blackberry Kush before bedtime since it can promote better sleep. This strain can also help improve your appetite, especially if you’re suffering from anorexia.

Where to Buy: Always buy Blackberry Kush from trusted providers like Not only do they offer affordable Blackberry Kush, but you’ll always be assured of fresh, high-grade Blackberry Kush.

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Joshua Stafford - 23/01/2020

Pretty good , would buy again

HHH - 12/04/2019

Mixed feelings, it does not feel the same with every new time I try it. I think weather effects my mood and my perception but pain relieve and high are strong.

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