How To Smoke Weed For The First Time

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For any first time consumer who has just decided that it is time for them to enter the world of weed, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here, and for a long time afterwards. Before you really get stuck into your new-found hobby, however, there are some things you should know and be comfortable with. Please see the ten tips below for more information.

Prepare to not get High

The best tip for first time smokers that I have ever heard is this: on your first time, you might not get high. It didn’t happen the first time I smoked, and I spent a long time worrying that I somehow didn’t do it right. If it happens to you, just remember that this is a common thing, and go with the flow. Next time will be better, and the time after that. Not getting high doesn’t mean you failed at being a smoker.


Cannabis isn’t like a pipe – it doesn’t work if you don’t inhale the smoke. If you don’t inhale, you won’t get high, simple as that. Breathe in when smoking, and feel the high coming. When I did that, the effect was always amazing – lights got brighter, my mind got clearer….it was amazing, and always is. Inhaling feels good. If you are smoking cannabis, but don’t think you are getting high, then maybe you aren’t inhaling properly. 

Hydration is Important

Another important tip for the first time weed smoker is the importance of hydration. Hydration is very important when you are getting high, because dehydration is a serious issue. I personally need what feels like seventeen gallons of water after I’ve spent a good session high, and I have the feeling that you will need the same amount when you start smoking regularly. Dehydration is a serious issue, so don’t ignore it. Make sure that you drink water before smoking, and that you have enough for drinking afterwards too. This will make your sessions much more enjoyable.

Choose your Equipment Wisely

I personally prefer blunts, but other people take cannabis in any number of ways. You can choose whichever one you think suits you the best, and part of the joys of starting to smoke is learning what suits you. Remember that this isn’t a test or a race – we’re all here to have some fun, so relax and take your time.

Newcomers should stick to a small bowl or cigarette, and then work their way up from there. Be warned that some methods of smoking will give you a stronger high than others, so it is perhaps best to avoid them until you have gained some experience in smoking.

Have a Food Order App

Word to the wise? The munchies are a real thing. Unfortunately, when you are high and stoned, going out to do anything, much less buy and pay for food, is something that can be beyond a lot of people’s reach. Enter the food order app. We’ve all used them before when things are tight, but having the munchies is one time when a good food delivery app is essential to requirements. Delivery apps will make things much more convenient, as well as meaning there is less chance of you needing to function in the world while high as a kite. Having a food delivery app means that you won’t need to go outside, which is less dangerous for both you and the wider world, as you don’t need to use your car or any other vehicle while under the influence.

Cancel your Appointments

This is less of an issue when it comes to people who are used to smoking, but for your first few times, you will end up passing out afterwards. This can be embarrassing if you have something you need to do, or somewhere you need to be. Rather than face embarrassment, the best thing to do is make sure that there is nowhere you need to be when you decide to smoke. Even people who don’t fall asleep (a small minority, before you assume you’d be one of them) report that they simply feel too heavy to really be of much use to anyone. When smoking, people tend to use a room which encourages them relax and enjoy being high anyway, so just give into the haze – it’s okay to relax for a while.

Smoke with People you Trust

One of the major tips for newbies, though this applies to almost anything: don’t smoke with people who make you uneasy. Remember how people say don’t drink from a bottle that you haven’t seen opened? The same applies here: if you haven’t seen the drug prepared, don’t smoke it. For first time smokers this is especially important – you should take the drug only when you feel comfortable, and only among people you trust. Bad trips can always happen, and you don’t want to be in an unfamiliar environment when it happens.

Know your Limits

As in alcohol, so in drugs. Know what you can take. The goal is to get high, not to explode – if you have gotten high from one hit, then you’re done. Pass the drugs along to someone so that they can get high as well. Remember that drugs are exactly like alcohol in that sometimes your limits will change. Sometimes you will be fine after a number of hits, and sometimes you will be high as a kite after just one. Be aware, and take care of yourself.

Find a Family

Smoking on your own can be fun and relaxing, but smoking with other people has its good sides too. Call this your family, your tribe, your brotherhood, whatever – they are the people who call you over when it is time to have a group session, to get high and have deep meaningful conversations, and stupid adventures. These are the people you will rely on when bad things happen, and who will rely on you when the same thing happens. Smoking cannabis is just like any other activity – doing it in a group can sometimes be really, really fun.

Love it

Honestly? Most people who try cannabis for the first time fall in love with it. It’s something about that first high…it really gets into them, and hooks them up. Be prepared for this to happen to you as well – that feeling will never let you go. You will be in love with cannabis, if not now, then after you have found the way to take cannabis which works for you. Cannabis is the key to so much for so many people – how could you not love it?

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