Amy Wozney Wozney  -  09/04/2020

Looks good!

Brad  Siddall  -  17/02/2020

Absolutely the best quality cbd flower you will find online hands down! Very fresh not dry at all burns super clean and relieves my pain with very little head high! Much impressed will be buying again.

Tanya Logan  -  05/02/2020

Very new to this. I was looking for something to help with severe arthritis! Excellent product. With not a lot of negative side effects!!!

Mike Joseph  -  01/01/2020

Excellent product. Fantastic smoke. Will definitely buy it again. Thank you. Keep up the awesome work.

Dina Saleem  -  05/12/2019

Fantastic strain. I ordered it specifically for my medical condition and it totally worked. Without making me high and ephoric. Excellent sleep aid.

This stain is considered one of the best in the medical field. It's like an honor strain.

I'm not into cannabis so smell is Strong and unpleasant. But the effects are totally worth it