Jane Greening  -  25/10/2019

I love this dope. A smooth high but not something that gets you baked. I use it exclusively at night when I have to sleep. After a nice high it makes me sleepy. Perfect. Tastes good, and has a nice smell.

kate  -  23/07/2019

Je n'ai pas reconnu le grape ape. Il était agréable à fumer, mais pas du tout ce que je m'attendais.

Tyler Vallie  -  15/06/2019

I actually got purple chemo not the grape ape. Yes it is strong and does it's good very well. The taste of the purple chemo is very strange. So sadly I would not recommend this strain.

Julia  -  01/03/2019

An all around classic! Has that great purple/grape taste and smell, and the perfect pot for all forms of relaxing. In the right doses not too much couch lock